PORTRAIT PAINTINGS: ORIGINAL ARTWORKS (SINGLE PIECES), dated, signed, and delivered with a certificat of authenticity



PORTFOLIO PORTRAITS (pdf file available here)

In this space, I am pleased to present my oil paintings, acrylic paintings and gouache paintings. I sell my original oil paintings on paper, canvas, wood or paper mounted on canvas. This page dedicated to paintings of life scenes is documented from my original creations made from live model or from my photographs. The oil paintings, portraits, life scenes or landscapes are unique original works, available on request or directly on the page of the chosen painting.

Making art using traditional media (oil, gouache and acrylic paint) is a real physical and emotional sensation, a real sense of well-being. From the art history courses I attended at Hôtel Drouot in Paris and at the Beaux-arts in Le Mans, I noted the following sentence from one of the lecturers: “The camera doesn’t think, it sees”.

Assuming that we agree with this statement, which is debatable, the handmade oil painting is in a way a new approach, a new expression, a new sensation. Painting with the oil painting technique reveals the artist’s thoughts, perceptions and emotions at the moment of creation, for example, of life scenes oil paintings, or from visual (photo) and written notes taken by the artist during the period preceding the moment of creation of an oil painting.
These oil paintings or mixed media (pastel, gouache, acrylic, oil) are painted on canvas on stretcher, on paper mounted on canvas, on framed paper, or on wood.

All oil paintings are dated and signed, and come with a certificate of authenticity (AKOUN quotation). These oil paintings are delivered in a secure double packaging, with bubble wrap inside. If you would like to see the original oil painting at my studio, please contact me directly.

Owning an oil painting will give you undisguised pleasure, it will increase your happiness and this is what I wish to convey through my artistic work: to contribute to the individual and collective well-being of individuals and society by proposing original artworks.

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