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The website is owned and operated by MonorArts, a trademark of the company STATESIA registered in Le Mans, FRANCE under the company number 482159118. Our VAT number is FR 77 482 159 118. Company created in 2005. Capital 3 060 €.

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General Data Protection Regulation -

Director of publication : Franck MAUNOURY

Address of the registered office :

19 rue Gougeard, 72530 YVRÉ L'ÉVÊQUE - FRANCE

SIRET : 482 159 118 00033

B 482 159 118 R.C.S. LE MANS

Name and address of the host :

o2switch - SARL with a capital of 100 000 €
RCS : Clermont-Ferrand
SIRET : 510 909 80700024
TVA : FR35510909807

Design and production :

MADI Agency 

19 Boulevard Marie et Alexandre Oyon, 72100 Le Mans

SIRET : 81836538900019



Data security

The data are hosted by the following providers:

  • o2switch

All communications between your browser and our servers use the HTTPS protocol, which encrypts data before it travels over the network. In addition, passwords are not stored in clear text in our database but are encrypted using the latest password security technology. Finally, communications between our different servers are done on a private network that is not accessible from the outside.



Advertising does not offer advertising linked to the profile but only to the context of the pages consulted: the promotional areas display sponsored works, they appear in page of welcome or inside the site and can make appear for example works of type "digital art" if you visit the page portraits digital art, or painting, if you visit the page painting.

When we have no ads to display, we may use outside providers, such as Google Ad Exchange, which displays advertising generally based on your profile. You can view details of Google's GDPR compliance at page :

Finally, some advertiser clients use ad management platforms external to In this case, we do not program a banner, but a "tag", i.e. a code HTML, which dynamically calls the client's ads. In this case, the client has access to basic connection data (IP address for example), but NEVER to the data of the members of The advertiser may also have access to information about you independently of (for example if you have data linked to Google, Facebook, or retargeting sites and there is an agreement between these companies and the advertiser, which may have access to some common data shared by Google, Facebook etc.). To object to this, you need to manage access rights with these platforms.

At Monorarts, your e-mail is protected from anyone who wants to acquire it without your specific permission. To contact you, all visitors must fill out a form that our server will process and send to your email address. Under no circumstances can visitors access your actual e-mail address at any time.


Other third parties

Other third parties may also be involved in the platform in the following ways:

  • Share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc...) on most pages, which, when you are connected to these platforms and surfing on monorarts.comwill store personal information according to their own rules.
  • Google Analytics, to better understand our audience, the information is however anonymous (IP anonymised).
  • As with most online communities, our moderators have limited access to member data, including account email address, date and time of last logins to the site with IP address, moderated or deleted content history and moderation history. Moderators do not have access to private messaging.


Member profile

The member record contains the information that you yourself have filled in at registration/editing, including the following information:

  • E-mail address
  • Personal username and password
  • Code postal code/city/country
  • All other profile fields are optional and can be accessed directly on your member profile when you edit it.

Other elements can also be linked to your member profile:

  • All the content you have created with the profile, (works, blogs, articles, announcements etc...), contributions (comments, collections of favourites, messages on forums etc...). Most of the linked content is also directly visible on your profile
  • Your votes on content (polls in the forums, +1/-1 on forum posts or user reviews)
  • Data facilitating your use of the site (newsletter registration, mailing-forums, notifications, last messages read in the forums, etc.)
  • Your exchanges with other members using our internal messaging system
  • Your contacts with our hotline (exchange of messages with support)
  • Your "trust rating" which is a vote of confidence from other members when you make transactions, or receive a testimonial in your guestbook. We also keep data on the consultation of e-mails sent by our platform (newsletter and other e-mails). The objective is primarily statistical (to know the opening rate of a newsletter for example), however for reasons of data integrity, we keep the raw data, that is to say who opened which e-mail at what time, and which links were clicked.
  • In order to maintain harmony within the community, the team, including moderators, have access to moderation tools that allow them to identify banned members who attempt to return, including the last use of each IP and cookie, as well as a moderation history.




Contact of the DPO (Digital Protection Officer)

You can contact us about privacy at



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