NUDE MEN DIGITAL ART " Sculpted thoughts ", Monor 2020, series Nude thoughts. Edition 1/30 available

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I made this digital nude painting from a scan of a magnificent sculpture by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux entitled "Ugolin" (Musée d'Orsay). Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux is one of the most important French sculptors of the 19th century. The technique of this digital nude consists in stylising the digital file with a graphic pad and then printing it on dibond-alu (matte or glossy finish) with a wall mounting system.

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Digital painting printed on dibond-alu from the scanning of a sculpture.


This digital art portrait was created by digitising a sculpture. The artist's work then consisted of superimposing several layers of colour in the manner of the impressionists and pointillists. This technique represents a real exploration, a journey. I know how this painting will start but I don't know how it will end, what it will look like in the end; that's why it's a real exploration that can produce an innovative, surprising, unexpected and aesthetic result.

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For this painting I advise you to choose a matt dibond-alu finish, to highlight the painting aspect of this digital art painting. As far as delivery is concerned, the painting will be delivered by UPS within 5 to 8 working days.

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Digital art board by Monor. Customizable dimensions and digital printing on dibond-alu with matte or glossy finish with wall mounting system. The painting is ready to put on your wall for the decoration of your interior and for your well-being.

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