NUDE DIGITAL PAINTINGS: limited, numbered and signed editions for sale

Mixed media: Charcoal, painting, photography and digital art



My artistic creations were partly made in a studio of the Fine Arts of Le Mans from the modelling of live models or from my photographs. The studio is located in the heart of the medieval city of Plantagenet, whose wall is in the process of being classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. I mainly use charcoal sticks to put on paper a kind of fulguratingemotion or sensation of the moment. This method allows me to obtain very expressive nudes that can establish a kind of relationship and discussion with the observer. The eye and the hand of the artist then materialize this emotion by putting the charcoal strokes on the paper, like an exquisite, uncalculated, spontaneous flash. A part of my collection of digital art nudes is proposed on this page. You can order the editions directly here. For the original paintings, please contact me (menu CONTACT).

A painting at charcoal is, from an artistic point of view, an expressive art. Thedigital painting, which is derived from this drawing at charcoal or from an original hand painting or a photograph, represents a new approach, a new expression. These artistic creations were partly created in a Fine Arts studio from the pose of live models. The technique consists of making a drawing at charcoal (nude) within a given time (10 to 20 minutes); this drawing is then finalised in my studio, fixed, digitised, worked on on a graphic tablet, then printed with a matte or glossy finish on large, medium or small format dibond-alu with a wall mounting system.

Each nude painting is unique, an original creation.

My paintings are signed. To purchase editions of these digital art paintings, you can click on the "Add to Cart" button and proceed to the shopping cart to complete your order. These paintings are delivered in a secure double packaging with bubble wrap inside.

Owning a work of art will give you an unconcealed pleasure, it will increase your happiness and this is what I wish to transmit through my artistic work: to increase your well-being by proposing inspiring works.

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